Here is a collection of my work. Click the image to open and read it in a new page.

Submission for Dirty Diamonds Being.. A four page autobio comic about finally starting to feel alive at the age of 25. Published in September 2018.

Safe. A comic about surviving in a post Trump America. Completed January 2017. Second part completed in October 2018.

Best Laid Plans. A submission to Square City Chronicle. A meet cute story of a lawyer and a bartender taking place in the fictional world of Square City. Completed in May 2017.

My Mother's Story. A comic recounting my mother's abortions. Done for the Comics For Choice Anthology. Completed March 2017.

But You Were Beautiful. A comic about a woman losing her way after after grad school. Completed in October 2016.

Rame. A submission to the Square City Anthology Sensus ObscuraRame is Balinese for "chaotic and joyful". This comic is about a shy girl that goes to a party. Completed in July 2016.

Adventures of A Clintern. A comic about my internship with Hillary Clinton in 2008. Completed July 2016.

Fractured. A comic about depression and perseverance. Completed April 2016.

There For Us. A comic about my and Tillie Walden's positive experiences at Planned Parenthood. Completed March 2016.

Malai. A science fiction comic about a space explorer that has to confront a friend. Completed December 2015.

Everything's Fine. A confessional series of uplifting and relatable comics dealing with depression and anxiety. Completed October 2015.

Wasted. A horror comic about wasted potential that appears in the anthology It Is The Bad Time, edited by Kazimir Lee Iskander. Completed June 2015.

Dirty Diamonds Submission. My collaboration with Stefanie Zuppo in which we explored how our physical appearance affects the way we depict ourselves in our comics. Completed May 2015.

THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU. An autobio comic about my relationship to bullying; first as a victim, then as a perpetrator, this comic details my coming to terms with this as an adult. Completed May 2015.

MISCELLANEOUS COMICS. Various one off strips.