Photos from the Pyramid Atlantic Member Art Show


Here are some photos from the reception of the Pyramid Atlantic Juried Member Art Show:

 Me finding out I won third place.

Me finding out I won third place.

 Me explaining the pieces I made.

Me explaining the pieces I made.

 Another artist from the show and her friends (one of whom was a former teacher from  MICA  who told me a lot about on how to frame and preserve fine art pieces) taking a photo of me.

Another artist from the show and her friends (one of whom was a former teacher from MICA who told me a lot about on how to frame and preserve fine art pieces) taking a photo of me.

 The photographer waited forever for the women above to finish talking to me so he could take this pic.

The photographer waited forever for the women above to finish talking to me so he could take this pic.

 Third place baby (out of 247 submissions) !

Third place baby (out of 247 submissions) !

I Am In A Cool Anthology That Is Now On Kickstarter!

Hey guys,

I am part Volume 9 of Dirty Diamonds, an all girl and femme anthology with autobio comics. They have done anthologies on topics like comics, imagination, and beauty. This theme iof this volume is Being and I did a comic about how the depression I experienced in my teens and early twenties kept me from feeling like I was actually alive vs. merely existing. But this topic is very broad. One of the heads of BMore Comics (a comic collective I am part of based in Baltimore) Kata Kane is doing a comic about becoming a mother and bringing another being into the world. 

You can support me and the Kickstarter here:

Upcoming Events


I will be participating in two events this summer, both of which are hosted by BMore Into Comics (my Baltimore comics collective). The first is a small comic show on the July 14th, the second is an art show with all sorts of related events. The art show runs from August 4th-September 15th. 

As always, you can find more information of the events I participate in on the calendar portion of my website.

Some Good Advice On Comics I've Found On Tumblr.

A lot of my followers on social media want to be cartoonists, so I will occasionally reblog/retweet some advice on comics that I find useful.

 Here's a list of resources from the past year I've found:

1) A post by Harvey James about how coloring can make or break the appeal of a drawing.

2) The website Conosaurus is VERY useful. It is run by friends Stephanie Zuppo and John Wok. Conosaurus is a comic convention database, that will send you a weekly newsletter telling you about upcoming shows, shows that are accepting applications for tabling, shows that are accepting proposals for workshops and panels, job and volunteer opportunities, and award and grant opportunities. This is how I knew to apply to the shows I table at, as well as to submit to the Broken Pencil Zine Awards, the DINKy awards, and the MICE Mini Grant (Everything's Fine: And On And On received a nomination for the Broken Pencil Zine Award, an honorable mention for a best zine at the DINKy's, and won the MICE mini grant).

3) Lucy Bellewood's entire tumblr is full of great advice for cartoonists wanting to go pro.

4) I occasionally will reblog/retweet prompts and comic exercises, like the Center for Cartoon Studies One Week Work Out.

5) The Comics Opportunities tumblr is a great resource for paying gigs and anthology opportunities.

I hope if you follow this blog and are interested in doing comics you will find these res



This Week So Far

Hello! A TON of stuff happened to me this week!

1) I was not offered not one, but TWO jobs on Thursday. I think I know which one I'm taking, but long story short: I'M MOVING BACK TO THE DC AREA!!!

2) I went to my friend Chelsea Demitras' art show at Three Goats Cafe in Baltimore from now until July 22nd. If you're in the area, you should check it out! She does really cool watercolors of food.


3) I finally started working on comics again! I want to make the deadline for the Dirty Diamonds Anthology. 

 Panel featuring  Emily R. Gillis  and  Scott Kaptur  from  Square City Comics .
 Panel featuring  Salakjit Getbamrungrat ,  Christine Etienne,  and my boyfriend (who likes to remain anonymous, but you can find his work if you look hard enough).

Panel featuring Salakjit Getbamrungrat, Christine Etienne, and my boyfriend (who likes to remain anonymous, but you can find his work if you look hard enough).

 I finished all four pages today.

I finished all four pages today.

The theme of the anthology is Being. This will be Dirty Diamonds' ninth volume. Dirty Diamonds is an all girl and femme anthology that focuses on autobio comics about a particular theme. Being is their most abstract theme to date. I am doing a comic about finally feeling like I came to life at age 25. There is a ton of variety to this anthology though. For example, Kata Kane, one of the founders of BMore Into Comics (a comic collective in Baltimore I'm a part of) is doing a comic about becoming a mother (ie, creating another being). I will update the blog when the Kickstarter launches.

The last volume of Dirty Diamonds I was in was Dirty Diamonds volume six, which focused on Beauty. I did a comic for that volume with Stephanie Zuppo that you can read here.

4) I saw my friends Brittany and Brennan this week. They are not artists so I will not be linking them. But here are Brennan's gold shoes:

 She also owns gold sneakers.

She also owns gold sneakers.

5) I finally got a new bag:


6) I drew a comic I like (in doodle form) about my rose quartz necklace I got in NYC when I got my aura photographed with Christine and her sister.

 The necklace in question.

The necklace in question.

That's it for now! Bye!

My Opinion of Online Self Care Discourse

I have not done this kind of post in a while. This is not a post about what's going on with me, but a post about problematic discourse in the online mental health community.

The above comic is from the artist Margaret of on Instagram. It is literally the only comic about self care that I've ever seen that I actually like.

I will not post images here, but the majority of self care comics really rub me the wrong way. For those of you unfamiliar, "self care," is a term that is popular in the mental health community that essentially means doing actions that take care of yourself which will ultimately aid in your mental health. It is a topic that is popularly portrayed in comics, and I have been irritated by every iteration I've seen on the topic.

 My issue with the discourse on self care is that virtually all of it is about taking a time out from the stressful aspects of one's life and is talked about in a universal way. Common examples of this are taking a bubble bath (see above), eating comfort food, staying in bed for the day, relaxing by watching television, etc. These acts of self care are not problematic in themselves. Sometimes you need to disengage, take a break, and chill for a day. The problem is that these are all the kinds of examples I have seen portrayed online. Because these are practically the universal forms of self care discussed, the aspect of doing these things in moderation is lost, and seeing them consistently over and over reads to me as people forming habits of avoiding one's issues. This compounds stress because you are not dealing with it and makes your problems worse in the long run.

The reason I love the comic above is because it is shows a combination of both taking a moment to decompress, but also shows the author actively combatting their problems (I am not sure of their gender so I am using gender neutral pronouns). If you follow Margaret on Instagram you know that the source of their stress is their job. You see them addressing the problem by trying to find a better job. It also shows them taking the night off to relax by listening to a Harry Potter podcast. It is a mix of self care methods, and both are important. It also specifically applies to Margaret, which is also important. I think that doing work that is specific to the author for issues on mental health are far more productive and relatable to the larger discussion in mental health that the bullshit, "everybody experiences this," comics that are EVERYWHERE (to be fair I may be biased).

But, tldr: Margaret is actively working towards solving the cause of their stress, which is vital to ultimately solving it. The culture of avoidance I see on social media drives me NUTS, especially since the majority of the audience is teens and people in their early twenties  dealing with anxiety that can be led astray by these messages.

I'm not sure how to end this besides saying a major way to improve yourmental health is to confront and deal with issues that are hurting you (assuming it's in within your control). Another way to practice self care is to do basic maintenance like going to therapy, exercising regularly, eating well (one of my major issues), taking meds if needed (and you have access), etc.

Okay, rant over. I might do a comic on this for my Everything's Fine book that I hope to make one day, maybe. 

Thanks for reading!


I Will Be Doing A Reading This Friday for Paper Cuts Live

COMICS event.jpg

I will be doing a reading of two of my comics, one fiction and one non fiction, along with a bunch of unpublished Everything's Fine strips this Friday at 7:30 pm at the Washington Projects for the Arts. I will have comics for sale, and I can take credit cards.

I will be reading along with Athena Naylor (whose work I love), Adam Griffiths (who's connected to my grad school), and Kendra and Kat. This event is curated by Christopher Kardambikis (who also curated my first reading back in November of last year. And I'm an old pro with this being my third reading ever).

More info about the event can be found here. You can also find more information in my calendar section of my website.