I Will Be Part of a Series of Comic Related Events at the Tectonic Space (and Other Life Stuff)

I have officially relocated to Baltimore! And just in time, because now I get to participate in all of the events (minus the closing reception) of The Comics In Progress show at the Tectonic Space.  You can find the entire schedule at that link or on the calendar section of my website.

Baltimore all in all is going ok. I technically live in Glynn Oaks MD, a Baltimore suburb. My new job is a mixed bag and may not be permanent (I'm in a probationary period atm) so I have a short lease. I have my first solo apartment and I like it so far. My boyfriend says I shouldn't make it too homey (I'm buying a lot of stuff for it) in case things don't work out, but he's also lived at his place for four years and doesn't own any furniture so he was excited just to spend time with me on (my) couch. 

I just finished a one page comic for a large project by Oni being released next month. I'll plug that when it's launched.

I am making a zine of all my pieces from the not too high not too low art show. I have prints of some of them as well.

The anthology I'm a part of is still running their Kickstarter. I really want this to succeed I need the money (also it's a cool project)!

I seem to be doing a lot of comic related things and a lot of social events but for some reason it NEVER feels like I do comics anymore. I'm not sure where that sensation comes from, but I've heard it discussed by other cartoonists. I do comic and art stuff all the time but it feels like I'm just coasting off old work and like I never make anything new. I think part of it is that I haven't produced any zines since 2016, I've mostly done anthologies and one off comics for various publications. I have some ideas for a few zines (not to mention my friggin Everything's Fine book I've been blabbing about FOREVER) but I don't seem to have time to do everything I want to do. And I'll need to get used to not spitting out zines all the time if I want to ever do long form work. I have various people in my life that favor different things in my work and it's hard not to be influenced by them or just feel shitty because I'm not doing enough fiction or enough autobio or enough political stuff or enough mental health comics or whatever the fuck they prefer. 

Hopefully once I'm settled I'll start doing comics like a mad woman again and this crap will go away. Making comics is easy, figuring out which comics to do is becoming more and more difficult.


 Here's one of the numerous Everything's Fine pages that I keep saving for a book I MIGHT ONE DAY MAKE.

Here's one of the numerous Everything's Fine pages that I keep saving for a book I MIGHT ONE DAY MAKE.

Alright, I'm going to take my meds! Come to the Baltimore show, I'm not gonna edit post or end it cleverly, gonna do some self care. 


Cartoonist Matthew Kund Mentions Me In His Blog Post


I tabled at BMore Into Comics' Issue #18 (a small comic convention hosted in the Wind Up Space in Baltimore) and was part of the panel Comics Art: Traditional vs Digital. Being terrified of computers I try to do as much of my work as traditionally as possible. I really only use the computer for editing. Matt Kund was there tabling for the first time and he recapped his thoughts about my panel on his blog. He also was a participant of his own panel What Makes A Good Villain. I forgot to record my panel (I keep forgetting to record this stuff), so I'll recap it the best way I can:

Jonathon Eaton: Started doing comics digitally after doing them traditionally for years (he's doing them at 300 dpi which is too low for good print quality and I didn't say anything and now I regret it).

Orlando Caicedo: Is a professional cartoonist (and he worked on Frisky Dingo and did the VOICE OF THE WAITER IN THE EPISODE XPO OMFG!!!! I know a celebrity! And not the really famous celebrities I don't give a shit about, but a celebrity of a show I was obsessed with in college!) and he very much prefers doing traditional art but industry standards and tight deadlines force him to work digitally quite often. 

Me: "Computers are the devil, I don't trust them."

Photos from the Pyramid Atlantic Member Art Show


Here are some photos from the reception of the Pyramid Atlantic Juried Member Art Show:

 Me finding out I won third place.

Me finding out I won third place.

 Me explaining the pieces I made.

Me explaining the pieces I made.

 Another artist from the show and her friends (one of whom was a former teacher from  MICA  who told me a lot about on how to frame and preserve fine art pieces) taking a photo of me.

Another artist from the show and her friends (one of whom was a former teacher from MICA who told me a lot about on how to frame and preserve fine art pieces) taking a photo of me.

 The photographer waited forever for the women above to finish talking to me so he could take this pic.

The photographer waited forever for the women above to finish talking to me so he could take this pic.

 Third place baby (out of 247 submissions) !

Third place baby (out of 247 submissions) !

I Am In A Cool Anthology That Is Now On Kickstarter!

Hey guys,

I am part Volume 9 of Dirty Diamonds, an all girl and femme anthology with autobio comics. They have done anthologies on topics like comics, imagination, and beauty. This theme iof this volume is Being and I did a comic about how the depression I experienced in my teens and early twenties kept me from feeling like I was actually alive vs. merely existing. But this topic is very broad. One of the heads of BMore Comics (a comic collective I am part of based in Baltimore) Kata Kane is doing a comic about becoming a mother and bringing another being into the world. 

You can support me and the Kickstarter here:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dirtydiamonds/dirty-diamonds-9-being-an-all-girl-comic-anthology.

Upcoming Events


I will be participating in two events this summer, both of which are hosted by BMore Into Comics (my Baltimore comics collective). The first is a small comic show on the July 14th, the second is an art show with all sorts of related events. The art show runs from August 4th-September 15th. 

As always, you can find more information of the events I participate in on the calendar portion of my website.

Some Good Advice On Comics I've Found On Tumblr.

A lot of my followers on social media want to be cartoonists, so I will occasionally reblog/retweet some advice on comics that I find useful.

 Here's a list of resources from the past year I've found:

1) A post by Harvey James about how coloring can make or break the appeal of a drawing.

2) The website Conosaurus is VERY useful. It is run by friends Stephanie Zuppo and John Wok. Conosaurus is a comic convention database, that will send you a weekly newsletter telling you about upcoming shows, shows that are accepting applications for tabling, shows that are accepting proposals for workshops and panels, job and volunteer opportunities, and award and grant opportunities. This is how I knew to apply to the shows I table at, as well as to submit to the Broken Pencil Zine Awards, the DINKy awards, and the MICE Mini Grant (Everything's Fine: And On And On received a nomination for the Broken Pencil Zine Award, an honorable mention for a best zine at the DINKy's, and won the MICE mini grant).

3) Lucy Bellewood's entire tumblr is full of great advice for cartoonists wanting to go pro.

4) I occasionally will reblog/retweet prompts and comic exercises, like the Center for Cartoon Studies One Week Work Out.

5) The Comics Opportunities tumblr is a great resource for paying gigs and anthology opportunities.

I hope if you follow this blog and are interested in doing comics you will find these res