Me Being Smooth (Or At Least As I'm Going To Get).

I am forming a new crush I think, and I low-key want to die. He lives in DC, because God knows I can't form a crush on someone local. No, he has to live 3 hours away. Anyway, he follows me on social media, so I put the following comic on my various social media (Twitter and Tumblr- I will get an Instagram when I run out of business cards that only list the two) where he can see it, and wonder if it's about him, and I can show off my high school level romantic skills.

I just had an interesting exchange with AM Rogers on Twitter about how love stories permeate every aspect of our culture. Or rather, I just gave my usual spiel to her via Twitter. Essentially, I just wrote another love story, after writing Safe, and I'm irritated with myself for it. When asked why, I talked about how I have never experienced romantic love (I've felt it towards some people, but no one has ever reciprocated to the point of making an actual relationship out of it). Love stories, on the whole, make me feel lonely and alienated, because it's something I'd like to experience. Or at least I THINK I do. That's the thing, I don't know whether I really could handle a romantic relationship or whether popular culture that it will fix all my problems forever, and that's why I want one. I wrote a comic to this effect:

I'm always so pleasantly surprised when a story doesn't have a romantic arc, or even when the two protagonists don't get together. So writing all these love stories isn't what I want to do, because it's not what I want to read. So I need to work on that.

Both of these comics are from Everything's Fine: And On And On, which you can download here for pay as you want, or buy a physical copy of online here. It is, to date, the only comic I don't have on my website in it's entirety, so if you are interested in it, those are the two ways to get it (besides grabbing a copy from me at a convention. I need to update two conventions to my calendar, I will do that in the next week or two).

Work Update.


I have started my job in DE, and it's been a life saver. I'm no longer doing nothing creatively, the structure of a job has made me much more productive. Tillie said that would happen and she was right, she knows me so well.

I won't be updating short work online for quite a long time, since I want to finish the webcomic first. I will take breaks to work on small stuff. My idea is to do a chapter of the webcomic, followed by something short, then the next chapter of the webcomic- of course, I keep doing shorter stuff that has deadlines, so it really hasn't worked out that way. And honestly, I'm also having a hard time staying motivated with this longer project. I'm used to having a shiny new project, then having the instant gratification of putting it online and getting feed back. I asked my friend and former roommate Chu for advice. She's been doing her webcomic Slightly Damned for over 10 years, and she said she breaks up various projects by days of the week. I don't work on comics every day so I can't really make that work, but apparently when Alison Bechdel spoke at the CCS she mentioned breaking it up by 2 week chunks. That might be more my speed, we'll see.

Another reason I'm not motivated to draw the long form story is because it contains some emotionally difficult scenes:


Anyway, here's some sketches from my next short form piece for the Square City Chronicle (whose submissions are still open, if you're interested in applying, I think the idea behind it is really cool). I'm making the protagonist, Ivy, look like a buff version of Symmetra from the video game Overwatch. I don't play because I find video games stressful, but the fan art and comics of this series are really great, so I'm interested in the mythology of it.

This is Symmetra.

This is Symmetra.

This is Ivy (buff Symmetra).

This is Ivy (buff Symmetra).

Later folks!

Events and Updates

So a few things have happened since I last updated. 

I received my 12 contributor copies of Sweaty Palms. My comic will never be posted online because it's very specific to the anthology (and honestly I'm not that happy with it), so if you ever want to see it you will need to pick up a physical copy at a convention or get it from their store (where both print copies and PDFs are available).

My comic Adventures of a Clintern that I did for the Nib in July was printed in a newsletter that was given out at the DNC. I finally got my copy, and seeing it in print taught me a lot. Specifically, I had never drawn in my non abstract style with color pencil before this piece. I was able to tell what worked with this method on the screen, but seeing it in print showed me that I should outline a lot more of the lighter shapes and colors. But still, it's very cool that I got to be in this.

Finally, I'll be tabling at Newark Zine Fest on April 16th (Easter) from 4pm-6pm. See my calendar for details.

That's it for now! My friend Emily R. Gillis of Wayward Studios will be selling the two volumes Everything's Fine (this link goes to the first volume the second is only available in print or on my gumroad) and There For Us at a bunch of shows. I'll do a post of which ones as soon as I get that info.

I moved and opened a store!

Hello! I am back in DE living with my mother. I got my old job back and just could not find one in Providence. Here in DE I will be working for local government, doing various tasks behind the scenes. I liked the job a lot last year, and I'm excited that I'll be working again. However, I really don't have a community here the way I did in Providence, so it's a mixed bag. Ideally Id be living in DC, but it's simply too expensive, so I'll just visit it a lot (it's about three hours away).

Also, I have now opened a store! Go check it out! You can buy almost anything you see on the site  there. I have to thank Stephanie Zuppo for all of their help, I was so worried about making it (I'm a technophobe) but it was pretty easy to do!

That's all for me for now. I just finished my comic for Comics for Choice, a charity comic anthology for abortion rights. I'll talk more about that when it's up for funding.


A comic for the Nib for International Women's Day.

More details on the actual comic this is referencing later.

More details on the actual comic this is referencing later.

Hello! I did this comic for International Women's Day along with some other artists. You can see all of them here.

The comic I am doing about my mother is going to be in an anthology that will be up on IndieGoGo. More info on that to come. The comic for it is due on April 4th, so I need to actually get it all drawn and scanned by the 27th because I'm moving to DE and I'm worried my scanner is going to get wrecked in the trip (I couldn't make it in RI unfortunately, but now that I'm leaving I really want to get out of Providence. And I got a job waiting for me in DE that will be good. Plus now I can go visit DC frequently).  

So yeah, I'm moving and have a million things to do beforehand. And I'm JUST starting to panic about it because it is starting to seem real.

I have one more idea I want to pitch to the Nib about my genetic bone disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) that I think could be a really good comic but I cannot figure out an ending, so we'll see if they accept that pitch. 

But yeah, comics are happening, ever so slowly. When I leave RI I'll need to really get my act together because the only way I've been productive is by working with other people, and I don't know anyone in DE so it's going to be rough to get into a groove. That and I'm not in the greatest headspace right now so I'm not being productive here either but I want to draw four pages of comics and ink that along with an additional 5 before moving so I really gotta get may act together. 

A response to some nice fan mail

Not a lot of fans get in contact with me regularly, but it is very nice when they do. I have actually formed some online friendships with fans that started when they contacted me to tell me that my comics meant a lot to them, or they had picked them up somewhere. The comic, more so than any other, that people come out of the woodwork to talk to me about is Fractured.

Fractured is not my most popular comic by any means. It's only been mildly successful on social media, and has very mixed results when I try to sell it at conventions. But it seems that with the people that do like it, it resonates with them HARD. People have flat out told me that reading it was a cathartic experience, people have thanked me for making. Literally no other comic of mine has generated this kind of out reach. Getting messages from people that like my work can completely turn my day around. I'm really thankful for it.

I received one message from a teenager on tumblr saying that she is going through all the crap that is talked about in Fractured, and that the comic meant a lot to her. That message meant a lot to me, so in response I drew the following doodle comic (please excuse the typos):

My life is not great right now. In fact, I am writing this post literally less than two hours after I blew yet ANOTHER interview. But I'm still better than I was in high school. And hopefully my thirties will be better than my 20s too.


I Have Been Meaning to Update for A While

So what's been going on with me and my comics recently?

A lot, I guess. This is like 3 separate posts combined into one because I have been bad about doing anything recently.

Okay, so where to start:

This dumb guy got my dumb face tattoo'd on his dumb arm FOREVER.

This dumb guy got my dumb face tattoo'd on his dumb arm FOREVER.

A fan of mine (we're starting to become online friends, but that's more of an aside) commissioned me for a tattoo of my art. Not only did he get a tattoo of my art, he got a tattoo of ME. This kid, as sweet as he is, is also nuts. I was freaking out about the fact that Everything's Fine Vol 2 wasn't making any money online (it eventually did btw, but as the time no one was buying it even though you can literally get it for FREE) and in the middle of my "OH MY GOD HOW DO I MONETIZE MY WORK???" crisis and this guy (James) DMs me asking for a tattoo. I bang it out in 3 minutes, make $35, then he gets it done at noon the next day. Anyway, it was obviously very flattering and sweet and cool and a major artistic achievement for sure.

Esther and Audrey- though I need to figure out Esther's hair because right now she's a bit too geeky

Esther and Audrey- though I need to figure out Esther's hair because right now she's a bit too geeky

Audrey and Derrick

Audrey and Derrick

Sydney and Mel

Sydney and Mel

I'm currently working on penciling the first section of the prologue to my webcomic starring these guys. I'm sure I've talked about them before, but I don't have a title or a elevator pitch for this thing yet. Also I keep getting sidetracked by smaller projects. I've been working on the script on and off since May and Will make FINAL edits to it tonight. And then I don't care if the script is full of wholes anymore I'm done with it I need to start working on the fun part of this freaking comic which is drawing it. THAT SAID, there's a ton of action in this thing because it's a fantasy comic (or at least, a slice of life comic with fantasy elements) so I have to draw action which is kicking my ass because I've never done it before and my art is SO STIFF. 

The various sidetracks I've had that have kept me from working on this comic include: Everything's Fine Vol 2, Safe, designing a pin, and writing a script for a non fiction comic about abortion for a charity anthology (more on that later). I also tried making prints but I decided that I don't want to lug prints to Canada for TCAF, so I'm going to make stickers instead.

Which brings me to the fact that I got into my first juried convention: Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF). I'll add it to the calendar when I am told what table I'm at. I'm very nervous about it, but hopefully it'll be good. I usually hate conventions, but I've had fun at the last two events I tabled at, including the New-ish Festival last Saturday. The last two shows also have not been comic centric. I was the only cartoonist at both shows, and I think that might be partially why I enjoyed them more. Being at non comic show is WAY less pressure, and it's much more exciting to sell a comic in the wild then at a show that is specifically for comic fans. Also, because both the events were local and at night, I actually slept the night before (I always pull anxiety induced all nighters before major cons, I just can't sleep I'm too stressed out). But yes, I had fun at the New-ish festival, and hopefully will have fun at TCAF. I'm going to try to apply to a lot of conventions this year, we'll see if I get in. I have been doing conventions all wrong the last two years, focusing on sales and not on networking. But I'm tabling with new people who know a lot of other new people so hopefully I'll rectify that this time.

Finally, I had this conversation with my psychiatrist:

Long story short, I'm fucking impossible.