Sorry It's been so long!

Hey ya'll!

So it turns out that I do not need surgery! They thought I had ripped a tendon, but an MRI revealed that I have a hair line fracture.

I decided on a neon yellow cast with a glow in the dark stripe.

I decided on a neon yellow cast with a glow in the dark stripe.

Honestly this break threw me for a loop. I have a bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I am told that it is the disease that Samuel L. Jackson has in the movie Unbreakable. I have a mild case of the disease, but I have still broken 5 major bones (with this break I have officially broken a bone on each limb) and more fingers and toes than I can even keep track of (including 2 toes in 2015).  However, toes and fingers are manageable, unless you really fuck it up you don't even go to the hospital for them.

I've never broken my drawing hand before. And being at cartooning school means that this break couldn't have come at a worse time (I mean in my life so far. If I had a book deadline and broke something I'd be in a far worse place). I couldn't draw for weeks. Then last week, I threw out my back (casts are HEAVY) and spilled water all over my computer (because I reached for it with my non-dominant hand), ruining it forever. All of this, in combination with decreasing my psychiatric meds a few weeks prior, sent me into a pit of despair. My therapist asked me to consider being hospitalized.

My mom came and helped me out. We did 6 loads of laundry , cleaned my room, picked up my meds, went to doctors, and just spent time together. With the help of mother, me fixing my meds, and having some of the pain in my back and wrist subside, I was finally able to draw again:

As you can see, it's not in my usual graphic style. But I think it can work for this story. I was very lucky to have done the panels and lettering before the break. This story is about a depressed teenager. It started out as me working through my constant feelings of inadequacy, then just it took on a life of it's own. I doubt I'll ink it with a cast, but I am so glad to be drawing again, I am downright chipper! I'm in a better mood now than I was at the end of last semester.

Partially that's because of how much support I received from my friends, family, and community. It's crazy how wonderful they've all been. The least I can do is plug some of them, even though the vast majority of them are more famous/ established than me.

Anyway (in no particular order):

1)Tillie Walden

2) Kristen A. Rosa

3) Steve Thueson

4) Kazimir Iskander

5) Kelly Swann

6) Christine Entienne

7) JD Lunt

8) Ariel Bordeaux

9) Salakjit Getbamrungrat

10) Sophie Yanow

And of course my family! But they're not artists so there's nothing to plug.

Thank you all. I love all of you so so much.