Hey, it's been forever! So, I just found out today that I passed my thesis review

Overall, I got a really glowing review! They said my production was kinda crummy (I suck at production, so that was fair) and one of my reviewers didn't like Malai (but he's wrong so fuck it!), but other than that it was like, 20 minutes of positivity! It was, overall, an excellent day.

My thesis consisted of:

Everything's Fine



There For Us (co-authored by Tillie Walden)

And Fractured

Also, I finished my Sweaty Palms Anthology, taught some awesome high school students, and finished a comic that'll run in 7 Days. I have two more projects to do this month. I'll let you know when those come out. Then I'm chilling with my mom at her house by the beach and then it's off to Providence RI. I am both excited and terrified. I'm not really great with transition, but hopefully I'll be able to make it my home.

Anyway, really really good day.