Location and Status Update!

Greetings from Rehoboth Beach Delaware! I am working for Dewey Beach Town Hall. I am currently in charge of sending out fines for trash violations. It's mostly data entry, but honestly I kind of like it. It's a chill job: flexible hours, I can take my lunch break on the beach, good management. The only issue is that all the typing is hurting my fingers and wrist.

My friend JD Lunt gave me the sweetest going away gift: these Ecuadorian worry dolls.

They're really cute and they come in this adorable pouch.

They're really cute and they come in this adorable pouch.

Apparently they were big in the 1980s. You put one under your pillow at night with a worry, and it takes the worry away. So far I've used them for 1) me making it in Providence (where I'm moving in the fall) 2) me completing my WHOLE30 diet (the results so far have been mixed. They have a list of negative side effects, which for the most part I haven't felt. HOWEVER, it's supposed to help my sleep schedule and my skin, but in fact the opposite has happened. Also it's supposed to make me feel better and I feel about the same. OKAY I PROMISE I'LL STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS NOW because diet talk is really boring) 3) Trump winning the White House 4) my mom's health and 5) about this job. BUT for the 5th doll, one of my dogs fucking ate it, so maybe I'll get fired.

Anyway, JD knows me very well, because this gift hits both my anxiety and superstitionbuttons. KUDOS JD!

SPEAKING OF JD LUNT: I just found out this morning I got into RIPE Expo this year! I will update my calendar when they give me my table number! I will be tabling with him. EXCITING!

So... you might be wondering what I've been working on. I have two projects going at the moment: My first long form comic and my old collective Square City Comic's 4th Anthology.

With the long form comic, I'm averaging about a 3 scenes a week on my first draft.

As for the anthology:

From Page 2

From Page 2

It's about a shy girl going to a rowdy house party. The theme of the anthology is words that describe a feeling that isn't common in English, so my word is rame, which is a Balinese word which means "chaotic while also joyful".

Anyway, that's all that's going on with me right now! I'm also on a social media break which is really nice. It's excellent.