Personal Growth


Comics wise:

1) I was INVITED for the first time ever to be an anthology; the Comics For Choice Anthology which I got invited to because I did this comic with Tillie Walden last year. My submission can be found here.

2) I did my first interview on Women Write About Comics, which can be found here. My former PR exec mother assures me I did an ok job at it too!

3) I won my first grant (the MICE mini-grant to help publish more copies of Everything’s Fine Vol 2 for the show).

4) Everything’s Fine Vol 2 is nominated for a Broken Pencil Zine award (the first award I’ve been nominated for since I was nominated for a National Arts and Scholars award in sophomore year of high school- and the first award a comic of mine was nominated for). 

5) I did my first reading of my comics at Fantom Comics as part of the Our Comics Ourselves exhibit co-sponsored by Fantom and George Mason University. It went really well. I then did a reading at DC Zinefest's Hallowzine Show a week later, which also went really well!

6) I won a scholarship table for the DC Art Book Fair based on merit alone (which really helped me financially).

7) The last three conventions I've tabled at (DC ZinefestMICE, and DC Art Book Fair) have been my most successful shows yet!

Personal life wise:

1) I admitted my romantic feelings to a guy I actually like romantically for the first time in 11 years, which has turned into a wonderful relationship. 

2) I'm figuring out how to balance personal life with comics and self care. This includes stuff like starting to work out again and trying to eat better (emphasis on "trying to").

3) I'm starting to get more work done at my job. I'll be sad to leave (I'm trying to relocate to DC or Baltimore, I'm currently in DE).

4) I started working in sketchbooks again.

5) I have perfected the art of keeping in touch with long distance friends, and the number of friends I keep in touch with grows larger all the time. I've also made a bunch of new friends this year (my boyfriend calls it my "friendpire." A+ pun).

6) There's a bunch of personal growth I've done that I can't really articulate, but trust me it's there.

As good as all this is, it has been INSANELY STRESSFUL. I can’t remember the last time I have been this stressed out for this long. But the stress is slowly subsiding as I get more into a groove and figure things out.

So yeah, personal growth is important and good but hard and stressful as hell. But it’s worth it.