A response to some nice fan mail

My fans rarely get in contact with me regularly, but it is very nice when they do. I have actually formed some online friendships with fans that started when they contacted me to tell me that my comics meant a lot to them, or they had picked them up somewhere. The comic, more so than any other, that people come out of the woodwork to talk to me about is Fractured.

Fractured is not my most popular comic by any means. It's only been mildly successful on social media, and has very mixed results when I try to sell it at conventions. But it seems that with the people that do like it, it resonates with them HARD. People have flat out told me that reading it was a cathartic experience, people have thanked me for making it. Literally no other comic of mine has generated this kind of out reach. Getting messages from people that like my work can completely turn my day around. I'm really thankful for it.

I received one message from a teenager on Tumblr saying that she is going through all the crap that is talked about in Fractured, and that the comic meant a lot to her. That message meant a lot to me, so in response I drew the following doodle comic (please excuse the typos):

My life is not great right now. In fact, I am writing this post literally less than two hours after I blew yet ANOTHER interview. But I'm still better than I was in high school. And hopefully my thirties will be better than my 20s too.