A comic for the Nib for International Women's Day.

More details on the actual comic this is referencing later.

More details on the actual comic this is referencing later.

Hello! I did this comic for International Women's Day along with some other artists. You can see all of them here.

The comic I am doing about my mother is going to be in an anthology that will be up on IndieGoGo. More info on that to come. The comic for it is due on April 4th, so I need to actually get it all drawn and scanned by the 27th because I'm moving to DE and I'm worried my scanner is going to get wrecked in the trip (I couldn't make it in RI unfortunately, but now that I'm leaving I really want to get out of Providence. And I got a job waiting for me in DE that will be good. Plus now I can go visit DC frequently).  

So yeah, I'm moving and have a million things to do beforehand. And I'm JUST starting to panic about it because it is starting to seem real.

I have one more idea I want to pitch to the Nib about my genetic bone disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) that I think could be a really good comic but I cannot figure out an ending, so we'll see if they accept that pitch. 

But yeah, comics are happening, ever so slowly. When I leave RI I'll need to really get my act together because the only way I've been productive is by working with other people, and I don't know anyone in DE so it's going to be rough to get into a groove. That and I'm not in the greatest headspace right now so I'm not being productive here either but I want to draw four pages of comics and ink that along with an additional five before moving so I really gotta get may act together.