I moved and opened a store!

Hello! I am back in DE living with my mother. I got my old job back and just could not find one in Providence. Here in DE I will be working for local government, doing various tasks behind the scenes. I liked the job a lot last year, and I'm excited that I'll be working again. However, I really don't have a community here the way I did in Providence, so it's a mixed bag. Ideally I’d be living in DC, but it's simply too expensive, so I'll just visit it a lot (it's about three hours away).

Also, I have now opened a store! Go check it out! You can buy almost anything you see on the site there. I have to thank Stephanie Zuppo for all of their help, I was so worried about making it (I'm a technophobe) but it was pretty easy to do!

That's all for me for now. I just finished my comic for Comics for Choice, a charity comic anthology for abortion rights. I'll talk more about that when it's up for funding.