Me Being Smooth (Or At Least As I'm Going To Get).

I am forming a new crush I think, and I low-key want to die. He lives in DC, because God knows I can't form a crush on someone local. No, he has to live 3 hours away. Anyway, he follows me on social media, so I put the following comic on my various social media (Twitter and Tumblr- I will get an Instagram when I run out of business cards that only list those two social media platforms)) where he can see it, and wonder if it's about him, and I can show off my high school level romantic skills.

I just had an interesting exchange with AM Rogers on Twitter about how love stories permeate every aspect of our culture. Or rather, I just gave my usual spiel to her via Twitter. Essentially, I just wrote another love story, after writing Safe, and I'm irritated with myself for it. When asked why, I talked about how I have never experienced romantic love (I've felt it towards some people, but no one has ever reciprocated to the point of making an actual relationship out of it). Love stories, on the whole, make me feel lonely and alienated, because it's something I'd like to experience. Or at least I THINK I do. That's the thing, I don't know whether I really could handle a romantic relationship or whether popular culture Hans influenced me to believe that it will fix all my problems forever, and that's why I want one. I wrote a comic to this effect:

I'm always so pleasantly surprised when a story doesn't have a romantic arc, or even when the two protagonists don't get together. So writing all these love stories isn't what I want to do, because it's not what I want to read. So I need to work on that.

Both of these comics are from Everything's Fine: And On And On, which you can download here for pay as you want, or buy a physical copy of online here. It is, to date, the only comic I don't have on my website in it's entirety, so if you are interested in it, those are the two ways to get it (besides grabbing a copy from me at a convention. I need to update two conventions to my calendar, I will do that in the next week or two).