Events and Updates

So a few things have happened since I last updated. 

I received my 12 contributor copies of Sweaty Palms. My comic will never be posted online because it's very specific to the anthology (and honestly I'm not that happy with it), so if you ever want to see it you will need to pick up a physical copy at a convention or get it from their store (where both print copies and PDFs are available).

My comic Adventures of a Clintern that I did for the Nib in July was printed in a newsletter that was given out at the DNC. I finally got my copy, and seeing it in print taught me a lot. Specifically, I had never drawn in my non-abstract style with color pencil before this piece. I was able to tell what worked with this method on the screen, but seeing it in print showed me that I should outline a lot more of the lighter shapes and colors. But still, it's very cool that I got to be in this.

Finally, I'll be tabling at Newark Zine Fest on April 16th (Easter) from 4pm-6pm. See my calendar for details.

That's it for now! My friend Emily R. Gillis of Wayward Studios will be selling the two volumes Everything's Fine (this link goes to the first volume the second is only available in print or on my gumroad) and There For Us at a bunch of shows. I'll do a post of which ones as soon as I get that info.