Comics Are My Life Line.

Comics have been my saving grace the last few years. They are my healthiest coping mechanism for battling mental health issues; they make me be present and live in the moment (which is something I struggle with most of the time) and keep me busy and productive. They have the potential to be really cathartic as well (Safe is the best example of this). Recently, it has become apparent to me that I don't work hard enough on both comics and all of the back-end business side of things in order to ever make money with them. At this point, they actually cost me a lot of money to do, with things like supplies, traveling to conventions, and paying for this website. This was bothering me a lot the last couple months; when I decided to not continue my webcomic I felt pretty lost. I had put about 10 months working on that script, and giving it up made those months feel like a giant waste. I also was so preoccupied with a new relationship so I stopped working on comics for about a month. But I've come to terms with something that I had known before going to grad school for comics, which is that this is a passion not a job, and I want to keep it that way. So, I'm slowly getting back into making work, and loving it just like I always have.