Shout Out Post


So, SPX was a lot of fun, but now it's back to reality. I will go into more about what I have coming up in the next couple months later, but I want to take this opportunity to do a shout out post abouot two people that I think deserve it. What makes these two special is that they are using their skills to elevate other artists. This is kind of a rare thing in the art world. We (artists) are a self centered lot in my opinion, so when an artist comes along and spearheads projects that help other artists, it's a big deal. 

Let's start with Steph.

Stephanie Zuppo.

Stephanie Zuppo.

This post is being written because of a conversation I had with my boyfriend about my friend Stephanie Zuppo and lead to this Twitter thread. Stephanie has three projects going that you should know about: Conosaurus, Lady Broad Ledger, and Blank Party. 

Conosaurus is an amazing database for conventions. You can look up shows all over the country on the site. They have a newsletter that lists all their application and volunteer deadlines, and the actual show dates that you can sign up for. It is emailed to you weekly. Conosaurus has let me know about all sorts of cool shows near me that otherwise I wouldn't have heard of. 

Lady Broad Ledger is a FREE comic newspaper that is available throughout Vermont featuring women and nonbinary cartoonists that live in the state. The only reason I am even tempted moving to VT ever would be to be near Steph and be featured in Lady Broad Ledger- too bad the sun sets at 4 and it is freezing so that will never happen! But the project is great!

Finally Blank Party is a collective that creates fan anthologies based on video games. Now, I am aware that I am possibly the only cartoonist under 45 that doesn't play video games, but the anthologies they've done so far top notch and feature a lot of great artists.

Steph has told me that while they create their own work, their focus is these community based projects. It really makes them a unique force in comics, and they deserve to be a superstar because of it. 

The other person I want to shout out is Emily R Gillis.

Emily Gillis.

Emily Gillis.

Emily is one of the founders of and truly the driving force behind Square City Comics, my comic collective in DC. SCC gave me my first community in comics. It's what got me serious enough about comics to go to grad school to learn how to make them. I have been in two of their anthologies. They have meetings once a month that are always a blast.  Emily is a natural leader and organizer, and Square City is an amazing group because of her. She is moving to Denver and literally five people are now going to try to work collectively to fill her shoes and accomplish what she does almost single-handedly. I don't know if she knows how important SCC is to me, and she is responsible for that. So I'm doing this post. If you are a cartoonist and in the DC area I cannot recommend checking out SCC enough. I literally drive 3.5 hours to meet up with these people, and used to drive 3.5 hours back in the same day after the meeting was over before I met my boyfriend and started crashing at his place (that's another thing: I met my boyfriend at SCC. Again SCC IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME). It is worth it! 

So, thanks Steph and Em, you two are rare but much needed creatures in comics. We can't all be flaky artists who are bad at business in this community. The fact that both your impressive skill sets and overall awesome selves are part of the comics world makes it a hell of a lot better.

If you like my work you should check out these two. They have helped me both as a cartoonist and as a friend. I literally can't ask for more than that.

Thanks guys.