I will not be tabling at SPX next weekend, BUT

Hi guys!

So, I will not be tabling at SPX this weekend, but you can buy a bunch of my comics there in various anthologies.


Rame, The story I put on my website a week or two ago, is part of the Sensus Obscura Anthology. This anthology is a collection of comics about words for specific feelings that have single words to summarize them in other languages, but not in English. "Rame" is Balinese for chaotic and joyful. You can buy this comic at table C8 from Emily Beauparlant.


Averyhill Publishing will be giving out a special edition of Tillie Walden's and my Planned Parenthood comic at table G3 for a suggested donation, with all proceeds going to Planned Parenthood.


Stephanie Zuppo will have their Zelda Challenge fan zine that I have a guest comic in. You can find them at table I13B.


Liz Enright and Sage Coffey will be at table B14A and will be selling copies of Sweaty Palms, a collection of autobio comics about anxiety by over 50 cartoonists.


Hazel Newlevent will be selling the Comics for Choice Anthology at table H14A. Comics For Choice is a collection of comics about abortion. I have a story in this anthology where I interview my mother about her two abortions. Hazel is also nominated for an Ignatz, so you should check out their work for sure!

So please come support all these great projects I'm in! I will be at SPX as an attendee, here's some photos of what I look like in case you end up seeing me and want to say hi:

BTW I won't be wearing any of these outfits!

BTW I won't be wearing any of these outfits!

Hope to see some of ya'll there!