I am in the Newest Issue of Magic Bullet


I am in the new issue of Magic Bullet (Issue 17), a free comics newspaper put out by the Washington DC based comic organization The DC Conspiracy. I first learned about this group when I was invited to be part of the not too high not too low gallery exhibition, which also featured Andrew Cohen, one of the heads of DC Conspiracy.


My contribution for this comic was about the first (and only) time I tried meditation. It’s something that therapists have told me to try for years, and I’m sure it would be very helpful, but I found it to be insanely stressful. Hopefully I can find the discipline to make it a habit.

 99% of my comics are done in a very tight three-tier grid. Since this comic was done in such a large format (it’s a newspaper, so 11”x17” also known as “tabloid”) I played with my layout a little. I can think of only 4 other instances where that has happened (three Everything’s Fine pages and one assignment for the Center For Cartoon Studies that I want to redraw at some point and put out as a zine).

Magic Bullet is distributed by it’s contributors, so it’s hard to say where you can pick one up. So far I have given them out to Creative Labs in Baltimore and Words & Pictures in Burlington, Vermont. I’m planning to distribute them in a few more places in Baltimore and DC, so keep a look out.