February 1st was Hourly Comic Day. While this year was better than hourly comic day 2017, it ended on an intense, sad note. So I ended my hourlies at 8 pm even though I was up until 11. 

Here is my advice for if you want to participate in Hourly Comic Day. Keep in mind, my hourlies never get many notes, but it's the only way I can get myself to do them.:

-Write down a note of what happens at each hour. If you don’t do them live or you get too busy at a certain hour to make one you’ll have your note to look at.

-Try to show a moment vs a summation of a whole hour- summaries of life are really fucking boring, good daily / hourly autobio comics are about unique individual moments.

- KEEP THEM SHORT!!!! If you make them too long you’ll burn out!

- If you just do one thing for multiple hours and have nothing to share during those hours, say something like “1-4 pm: just working” so you don’t have to do the same comic 3 times.

- Don’t sweat doing them live, if it takes you a couple days to do them it’s not a big deal.

- Don’t get too hung up on art. It’s true that better drawn hourlies get more notes than poorly drawn ones, but this is really just supposed to be a fun communal thing and if you get too caught up doing it seriously it might prevent you from doing them at all and that would fuckin' SUCK! No one really gives a shit about mine but if I had to do them nicely I’d opt out of them entirely.

- You’re not obligated to share anything you don’t want to share and if a comic involves another person you should run it by them (this is true with all autobio work PERIOD- I lost a really good friend by posting private shit of them that I didn’t think they would mind bc it was funny - DON'T REPEAT MY MISTAKES).

The last bullet point is why I stopped doing them at 8:00 pm, and it's the most important point to take away from here. 

Anyway, here are my 2018 hourlies.


Hourlies 2-4 pm redacted for privacy.


People featured in these hourlies (that have websites): Tillie Walden; Ariel Bordeaux; and raku--gaki.