My Art Was Selected for the Juried Member Show At the Pyramid Atlantic

I am very excited to announce that my work was selected for the Juried Member Exhibition Show which will be happening in June and July. The Pyramid Atlantic Art Center is the gallery where I had my last show. Besides it being a gallery, it is also a studio space where you can take classes and use their equipment to make art. To become a member you need to pay $50 a year, but one of the cool things about being in the not too high not too low exhibition was that I got a free year long membership. There were over 240 submissions to this show and only 46 pieces were selected, including the two I submitted. I swear to God, if I start going in a fine art direction as opposed to making comics I will be 1) shocked and 2) irritated- I paid a lot of money for my fancy comics degree, and I thought I said goodbye to the fine art scene back in college. To be fair, at the not too high not too low exhibition my work pieces were all technically comics, they were just kind of "high-art," versions of comics (I might do a post on why I chose comics vs. fine art and why the terms, "high-art" vs "low-art," are obnoxious and offensive). 

Below are some pics of the pieces I submitted.

Dancing Ladies , April 2018. This photo was taken in the sun so it washes out the top right corner a bit.

Dancing Ladies, April 2018. This photo was taken in the sun so it washes out the top right corner a bit.

Detail of  Dancing Ladies .

Detail of Dancing Ladies.

Posing Ladies,  April 2018.

Posing Ladies, April 2018.

I really did not expect to get into this show. I did these pieces in three weeks specifically to apply and only did so because the curator of my last show said I ought to. I don't apply to every opportunity I'm given, but if I'm interested in something, it's worth a shot to giving it a try. 

I'm writing this post the day after I was waitlisted from a con that I got a grant from last year, on top of a horrendous day of applying to jobs all over DC, getting rejected from the job I was most interested in, and then spending 5.5 hours in the car to drive back to DE (which usually takes 3.5 hours). So, I was a wreck yesterday. My job hunt is currently bleeding into the rest of my life, there's just so much rejection involved. But I cried it out, vented to a friend, and got a few hours of sleep, and got up at 4 AM to send out resumes and now update my website. Life (or at least my life, anyway) is roller coaster of ups and downs and giant meltdowns and then picking up the pieces. I've also gotten into a new anthology that I'll plug once the Kickstarter is live. So yeah, a lot of ups and downs.