Some Good Advice On Comics I've Found On Tumblr.

A lot of my followers on social media want to be cartoonists, so I will occasionally reblog/retweet some advice on comics that I find useful.

 Here's a list of resources from the past year I've found:

1) A post by Harvey James about how coloring can make or break the appeal of a drawing.

2) The website Conosaurus is VERY useful. It is run by friends Stephanie Zuppo and John Wok. Conosaurus is a comic convention database, that will send you a weekly newsletter telling you about upcoming shows, shows that are accepting applications for tabling, shows that are accepting proposals for workshops and panels, job and volunteer opportunities, and award and grant opportunities. This is how I knew to apply to the shows I table at, as well as to submit to the Broken Pencil Zine Awards, the DINKy awards, and the MICE Mini Grant (Everything's Fine: And On And On received a nomination for the Broken Pencil Zine Award, an honorable mention for a best zine at the DINKy's, and won the MICE mini grant).

3) Lucy Bellewood's entire tumblr is full of great advice for cartoonists wanting to go pro.

4) I occasionally will reblog/retweet prompts and comic exercises, like the Center for Cartoon Studies One Week Work Out.

5) The Comics Opportunities tumblr is a great resource for paying gigs and anthology opportunities.

I hope if you follow this blog and are interested in doing comics you will find these resources useful!