Cartoonist Matthew Kund Mentions Me In His Blog Post


I tabled at BMore Into Comics' Issue #18 (a small comic convention hosted in the Wind Up Space in Baltimore) and was part of the panel Comics Art: Traditional vs Digital. Being terrified of computers I try to do as much of my work as traditionally as possible. I really only use the computer for editing. Matt Kund was there tabling for the first time and he recapped his thoughts about my panel on his blog. He also was a participant of his own panel What Makes A Good Villain. I forgot to record my panel (I keep forgetting to record this stuff), so I'll recap it the best way I can:

Jonathon Eaton: Started doing comics digitally after doing them traditionally for years (he's doing them at 300 dpi which is too low for good print quality and I didn't say anything and now I regret it).

Orlando Caicedo: Is a professional cartoonist (and he worked on Frisky Dingo and did the VOICE OF THE WAITER IN THE EPISODE XPO OMFG!!!! I know a celebrity! And not the really famous celebrities I don't give a shit about, but a celebrity of a show I was obsessed with in college!) and he very much prefers doing traditional art but industry standards and tight deadlines force him to work digitally quite often. 

Me: "Computers are the devil, I don't trust them."