I Represented Delaware in Oni Press' Draw Out The Vote Campaign


Hello! I want to get the word out about a cool project I am a part of. 52 cartoonists (one for each state plus a cartoonist representing DC and one representing Puerto Rico) have each done comics about voting in their state. Some have done them about political activism, some have done them about their experiences with voting, and some have done them about their state’s upcoming elections. I did a comic about calling my representatives while living in DE. The best part of this is that when you select your state you get to read a cool comic and get all the info you need on how to register to vote. 

I know things are hard right now, and the system seems broken, but changing it from within and being active participants in our government is the most effective way we can get through this administration. Please share this, register to vote if you haven’t, and DEF vote in November (plus any primaries of your party before hand. Let’s get as many progressive members in power as possible)!

Here is the website.

Here is my comic specifically.

ALSO SPEAKING OF POLITICAL COMICS- I’m working on a sequel to Safe (my Trump response comic from when he was first elected). Look how much my art has improved since January 2017!