Just some progress shots

So here's the latest color layer I've done for Everything's Fine Vol. 2:

I told twitter that this was the first time I've drawn myself white in a comic and  Chu  said I looked like the  White Power Ranger  (I didn't watch the show far enough to see that one).

I told twitter that this was the first time I've drawn myself white in a comic and Chu said I looked like the White Power Ranger (I didn't watch the show far enough to see that one).

And here all the color layer mistakes I've made so far:

That's all for now. I've got two more strips to do (I'm not sure how many pages total) and then I just have to put them together digitally and hopefully will be done!

I also have exciting news about a panel I'll be on in the next few days, so stay tuned!

What I'm up to, comic's wise

Hello! It is currently 4:08 am and I am at the office because I have insomnia and was like, "Well if I'm up, I might as well go to work and get paid." My Dewey Beach town hall summer job is great because it's got flexible hours and the building is open 24-7, so I can do crazy crap like this! Anyway, I'm taking a 10 minute data entry break to let you know about what I'm up to re: comics!

So if you don't follow me on Twitter, know that it's the place where I post in process stuff, as well as links to my completed comics when they're done. It's the social media platform I'm most active on.

Currently I am working on two projects. The first is my web comic, which will be my first long form work. I just finished the first draft of the script.  

It stars these two. Meet Audrey and Esther.

It stars these two. Meet Audrey and Esther.

It's gonna be a long time until it's launched, because unlike most web cartoonists, I'm not going to start posting until I've completed the whole thing. I don't want the headache of a deadline. And, as I said, I just started the second draft of the script. So yeah, be patient.

I also am working on Everything's Fine sequel, called On and On. I need something small to balance my first big project, because I want to do fun things like drawing, not just get stuck writing something for months at a time.



That's all I've got for now. I'm hoping to have On and On done by Ripe Expo. My new hometown's local show. Did I mention I'm moving to Providence RI? Because I am! I am nervous but also excited. The newest chapter to my life.


Pencils of page 1.

Hi! I sort of forgot that I had a blog or a social media presence because I've been so busy but today I was reminded that I had both! I was reading Austin Kleon's Show Your Work at the Shultz library and it says, "Hey, you should put stuff online and on social media," and I was like, "OH YEAH, I FORGOT YOU HAVE TO DO THAT TO BUILD AN AUDIENCE!" So, here we are.

I am currently working on a story about a space explorer that confronts a friend on their relationship falling apart. While it does have sic-fi elements, it's a slice of life story, like the rest of my work. While some of my stuff (most notably Sisters and Wasted) has genre tropes in them, they are pretty much just about girls doing things, interacting with other people, and living their lives. That's what interests me.

Salakjet is 9 pages long, and I just finished penciling page 5 today. I can't really pencil more than a page in one sitting because I'm hyper. Luckily, I work super quick so it doesn't take very long. I tend to work in a lot of short spurts rather than spending all day at the drawing board. Regardless, unless something crazy happens this'll probably be done at the beginning of December.

Honestly, after doing Everything Is Fine, doing this story has been a really fun break. Making autobio comics tends to be a pretty painful  for me, while fiction (despite me doubting my work) is really light and lively in comparison. 

The big question is: Is this gonna be in color or in black and white. Right now I'm thinking about using both, switching back and forth based on location. I've got to run that by my thesis advisor and a friend of mine first. 

That's it for now!