I am currently attending my second year at the Center For Cartoon Studies and will receive my MFA in May 2016. In the second year you work primarily on your thesis, which is really just a year worth of comics (whatever you choose that to be). Many or my classmates have been really stressed out because they're like, "I NEED TO DO A 150 PAGE GRAPHIC NOVEL IN A YEAR THAT  HAS TO BE PUBLISHABLE!!!!" I haven't really had that problem because 1) the longest cohesive story I've done at this point is 10 pages long, I DEF don't have a graphic novel in me and 2) I kinda have a bunch of ideas that'll make up my hodgepodge of a thesis. 

POINT IS: I got this, or at least I think I do.

We've had to do a bunch of stuff not comics related too. This poster, an entire class on professional practices (whose final project was for me to build this website), a presentation on what my thesis is gonna be, and so on. It's all been super helpful too. Doing the thesis presentation helped me figure out what I'm actually doing for my thesis; the professional practice class taught me that only 1/3 of being a successful professional cartoonist is actually creating comics, the other 2/3 are networking and selling yourself.

BUT MAN THIS POSTER! I had the roller coaster of emotions I have with making any creative work, except way quicker because I did this in 4 hours, as opposed to like, the 80 it takes me to do a 10 page comic.

The emotions go:

1) Dread the fact that I don't have any ideas, which means that I'll never get an ideas ever again, and going to CCS was a mistake and I'll never make it as a cartoonist and I'm doomed to living a unsatisfying life.

2) Get idea, feel relief.

3) Work with idea, with possibility of frustration (not with all projects but with some projects including this one).

4) Work through it.

5) Get feedback, which is always overwhelmingly positive with some basic minor critique, but is heard with a sense of absolute panic because ANY CRIT OF MY WORK MEANS IT'S NOT PERFECT AND I HAVE TO MAKE IT PERFECT BECAUSE ANY FLAWS OF THIS WORK ARE FLAWS OF ME AS A PERSON AND I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED!

6) Relief! Oh crit was super light and helpful! Now my work WILL BE AWESOME!

7) Cockiness/ honeymoon phase

8) Doubt/ panic sets in (double this if I'm working in color).

9) Finish, acceptance, WHATEVER! IT'S DONE!

This is what I go through every time I do work, regardless how big or small. But yeah, the poster's done, I'm cool with it.