I first got my chops teaching adult literacy through AmeriCorps, then decided to combine the skills I learned there with my passion for comics. I have taught comics to students from ages 5-65, both in classes I have organized and individual tutoring.

My most popular lessons include:

  • The Cartoon Language of Emanata; based on The Lexicon of Comicana by Mort Walker.
  • Fill In the Blanks; Creating a comic within the confines of strict constraints.
  • Expressions! Are! Vital! A lesson examining the importance of expressions and how to implement them.

I have also taught lessons about character design, writing, backgrounds, and basic cartooning. My students have created work as varying from a 24-page spy minicomic to newspaper strips about a dog park. 

Upcoming Events

Check in periodically for updates, or contact me for more information and availability.

Past Events

Guest Lecturer (Kimball Union Academy, Meridian NH)

Discussed my creative process, from conception to final production. Highlighted clear and cohesive character design. Lead thumbnail critiques. Ran throughout April 2016. Students ranged from 15-18.

Create Comics Workshop  (Center For Cartoon Studies)

Was a teaching assistant (along with Dean Sudarsky) for Jon Chad and Alec Longstreth. Ran from June 15th-June 19th, 2015. Students' ages ranged from 14-65.

Manga Workshops (several middle schools throughout Bethesda MD)

Introduced and taught cartooning replicating the style of Japanese Manga. Ran from January 2013-April 2013. Students' ages ranged from 11-14. Continued lessons with a few of these students on a one on one basis.

Copying to Creation (JCC of Northern Virginia)

Taught students how to imitate the style of their favorite cartoon characters and take those elements to make original designs. Ran from January 2013- April 2013. Students' ages ranged from 5-11.